Refuge is an open world 5th Edition D&D campaign.


It means that you can set out to explore anywhere you want. Adventure does not come to you—go out there and find it!

Of course, surviving the journey can be half the trouble itself. Unlike Skyrim or perhaps traditional D&D campaigns, the world of Refuge does not adapt to your characters’ skill or power. Tread lightly and use your wits, or you could end up in places far too dangerous.


We will aim to have three games a month. Each game can have 3-6 players. Players are responsible for organizing a party, choosing where to explore and what to do, and of course surviving their efforts.

During each game, your characters have seven days to explore and adventure before automatically returning to town. You may also choose to return to town at any time before then—provided you can get away from whatever’s chasing you first!

Your character will earn experience points and collect treasure whenever you go exploring (providing you find adventure and treasure, of course). When you are not playing during a game session, your character is staying in town—researching, crafting, or practicing a profession.

Because the world and the game are open, you may arrive at an adventure site only to find that other players have plundered it first. While player-vs-player activity is prohibited, competition for fame and glory is encouraged!

There are three Dungeon Masters creating and running the world of refuge. The DMs will strive to ensure that everybody gets a chance to play. During gameplay, the Dungeon Master describes the world, tracks the players’ progress, and runs any monsters/hazards the PCs encounter.

The world is yours to explore, but it does NOT adjust for your skill, cleverness, or character level. If you stumble into the tomb of horrors at level 1, the DM will not save you, fudge your dice rolls, or make the monsters run away. Use your wits.

New characters start at level 1. You may create an additional character when your first character reaches level 6 (or if you choose to retire your first character).

Because you are the only adventurers in Refuge, it’s up to you to share information with each other. Veteran adventurers who know the dangers of the world can update the in-game wiki, send out warnings or advice through the forums, and carve maps into the tables of the tavern.

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