G.E.A.R. Expidition 1: Explore the North.

Great Expectations and Rewards

Dear would be adventurer,

G.E.A.R. welcomes you to the cause of gaining knowledge and hopefully unlocking the secrets of this great land. Should you choose to go forth on this expedition you will not only be helping expand our knowledge base on the following region, but you will be helping yourself to a share in all wealth gained during said expedition. G.E.A.R. has an iron-clad contract of service that helps protect you in getting your fair share, and in the unfortunate event of your demise your share will be sent to your loved ones or to the rest of your companions, your choice.

We plan to set forth on this 28th of February, and are currently seeking more adventurers.

More details on G.E.A.R. and this expedition will be received at a later date upon your gesture of interest.

Take care, and good hunting!

Gerard – Founder of G.E.A.R.


Getting a positive from Mat that the Northern Route will be ready by then. Going to ask him for more details on what lies to the north (i think there might be a road leading away in one of the northern directions) to help you plan your expedition.


Most Excellent.

A charter will be drafted in roughly 48 hours.


Is participation over the internet permitted?


Expedition approved. I will update the “Known Lands” wiki article, as the exact direction of your exploration (heading due north or off in a different direction?) will determine what you find.

Idejmcd: As of yet I was planning on this being a 100% in-person game. If local demand allows I might be able to make that work, but no promises.


Ok, so I worked with Mat and updated the map. That big old river that heads off to the south west also cuts straight through the refuge itself. You can easily leave via the road to the North East, or with some time and resources you can figure out a way to cross the damn river gorge to go due north.


What is the approximate width of the gorge as far as we can tell without going there.


I’ll give you more specs (the gorge runs through the Refuge itself) next opportunity.

Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the game itself—I will be out of town from Saturday the 28th through the following Sunday :-/


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