Refuge: Coming January 2015

Coming soon...

Welcome to the Refuge portal! We’ve set this up to gauge interest in the upcoming campaign, and provide a place for players to communicate with each other, schedule game sessions, and gloat over their victories.

The Dungeon Masters are busily preparing the wonders and horrors that await beyond the wardings of Refuge itself, and our targeted start date is 01/17/2015. By that time we should have enough content ready to support multiple game sessions, while we continue to flesh out the world and add new challenges for aspiring adventurers.

If you want to join, I encourage you to join the Obsidian Portal and subscribe to the calendar, as well as updates to this log. We’ll be putting up guidelines for character creation, links to the edition of the game we’ll be using (D&D 5E), and some information about the world of Refuge itself. Check out the Home Page for some basic information about the game and contact myself or either of my co-DMs if you have additional questions.



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