Sundays Nope Expedition

Banging pots and pans while sliding down the road

We started the adventure by heading back to the marbles place to talk with the ghost

We pissed him off by asking too many questions and giving him a lowball price for a 500 gold piece of sailing armor that allows you to float without effort without sacrificing durability. We got lots of info from him about the surrounding area and history of the place.

The Mill is just a mill, there is a giant lake and mountain to the north and lots of troops roaming the area come from a centralized location.

We left and I turned into a bird to scout out the area ahead since there seemed to be a castle. I scouted out the castle while the team hung back, its where all the skeleton army is located. They have ballistas and catapults and a full courtyard with 10 horses. All the roaming skeletons seem to come from this castle. It has a shallow river running around it that acts as sort of a makeshift moat with a drawbridge on the front.

After avoiding the castle and cutting through farmland we came across the Druid markings I found on our first expedition enscribed on the magical bridge. They pointed to this location. Unfortunately the OG druid stones have been moved and turned into a home for some sort of giant creature. We sent our woodland elf in to sneak around and see whats up, out front there was 2 giant goats and inside was a giant cyclops. We nope’d out of here and headed back towards marbles place.

While the rest of the party took a long rest, i turned into an owl and searched the area ahead to where we were going next. Found a messed up place with a bunch of holes in it and further ahead was a scorched battlefield. I headed back and took my short rest with the rest of the group.

After resting we went to the hole area. Chrispy got caught by a massive bug scorpion pinsir thing and almost died. Thankfully brobarian and gronk smashed it in 1 turn dealing 45+ damage.

After this we went looking for more trouble and came across a fight between some skeltals and scarecrows, after waiting for a bit for the skeltals to die, we came in and swooped up some ezxp on the scarecrows.

We went north at some point and came across a group of goblins? I think they were goblins. I can’t remember.

Anyways the goblins have high AC/low hp/and as a bonus action can go into stealth. I bravely sacrificed myself as a bear to take 6 arrow shots on the first turn. Didn’t go down like a boss and we all took out a bunch of them. At the end of the fight their goblin? boss decided to book it and run. I turned into an eagle and caught up to him. I picked him up and brought him back to the refuge. His new name is “gregory”.

At some point that I can’t remember we went back to the mill to check on the magical door that was inside of the prayer circle room that got scrubbed clean. We were able to get through the magical door by throwing salt at it that we had from the magical bag of holding that’s possibly evil. Inside was some sort of classroom with loot in it and a bunch of scrolls about gnoll orgies. A room with plants inside that gave you boners that chrispy bravely ventured in to grab. I think we triggered a banshee of some sort by opening the door? or it might have just been some sort of evil scream we couldn’t tell. Then there was a set of double doors we opened up that led into the room where SOMEONE broke the salt circle and freed the fiend. According to Joe, the fiend dropped amazing loot if you had killed it.



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