Team Badass Southernly Adventures

The three of us set out yesterday to explore the southwest areas of the map and had quite the adventure.

We may or may not have released the fiend from his pentagram prison… In the hole we found next the mill (which no one told us about) we pried up a stone from the ceiling and looked inside. There were two solid white figures (seeming to be made of salt) inside of a red pentagram. A woman and a man. The women’s hand was reaching to touch the man’s face while the man was holding a curved dagger. A rock from the ceiling fell into the room and disturbed the circle. The salt began crumbling revealing flesh. We then GTFO’d as quickly as possible and didn’t look back.

We explored further to the southwest towards the ruins of the old farms. When we arrived we found a field full of scarecrows with two wooden peg legs…. We figured out that these were the same creatures whose tracks we found in our first adventure. Steve then began lighting them up with fire bolts while we ran away and the brave Gronk distracted them. Meanwhile, our ranger crit him in the face for a whopping 3 damage… They were strong and we were level 1 but we managed to defeat the three of them.

We then moved further southwest and found some weird shit… A gnoll orgy… Yes you heard correctly. But they were all dead when we arrived, seemingly instantly killed in the middle of their party by the fiend (our Paladin sensed that he had passed through the area).

We then setup camp for the night hoping for a nice night of rest. We were disturbed by three scarecrows in the middle of the night which we struggled to defeat but eventually managed to widdle them down as well. By this time our heroes were tired and decided to make our way back to the Refuge.



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