During the months of searching for Robilar’s Forge, change has been afoot in the Refuge. New arrivals to the Lantern Copse and Deepwatch have tripled, with no sign of reduction. Farmers, miners, and soldiers more than anything. It is clear that the power that founded the Refuge is preparing its people for war!

Scouts on the border report several alarming developments. Smoke rises from the goblin infested mountains to the north. The Scarecrows of the southern plains abruptly withdraw, flocking south in great numbers. Gnolls in the forests set camp closer and closer to the Refuge itself. Orcs of the Pomarj Empire seek answers for their fallen comrades. And off to the distant east, in the swamps of the Mistmarch, scaly legions stir and muster.

While the Refuge Council decides how to meet each threat, it is up to the Refuge’s heroes to lead the defense, conquer new resources, and push beyond the enchanted boundaries of their home. To victory!



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