Campaign Charter

The game takes place in an open world. The DMs are responsible for designing and running the game, but the players are responsible for choosing where to go, what to do, and when to do it.

DMs will not fudge dice to save or thwart the players. Whatever happens, happens.

The world has areas of varying danger, but encounters are not adjusted based on character level or party size. Be careful and use your wits, or you might end up in over your head.

At the center of the game is the Refuge. The Refuge is safe ground, but it’s not where adventures happen. Adventure happens out in the wilderness. If your don’t get to play for a couple months in a row, your character won’t be dead when you get back because a dragon attacked, or a PC, etc.

Players are encouraged to compete against each other. If another group successfully slays the dragon of the lost temple and pillages its treasure, that treasure is gone when the next group shows up!

That said, the social structure of the game requires limitations on competition. Outright violence, theft, or other PVP action is not permitted. Feel free to leave insulting notes in the ruin you just pillaged, however.

Each game sessions lasts a maximum of 7 in-game days. At the end of every session, all players are returned to town through the magic of the Refuge.

This is an “open table” game. The minimum party size is 3, the maximum is 6 (probably). If enough players want to play, and a DM is free to run a game, a game shall be had.

Players & DMs will rotate. The goal will be to have 3 games every month.

Campaign Charter

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