Monster HP AC Attacks Locations found Description
Scarecrow 36 HP 11 AC Double claw attack 2d4 x2

Fear gaze – fears you on a failed wisdom save until its next turn
Southwest – farm fields and tracks found leading by the Mill Takes 1/2 damage from all physical attacks

Double damage from fire

Might travel in groups of 3?
Vampire Bat Things 2 HP ? Latches on to suck your blood. Does a decent amount of damage Southwest – in the Mill and flying around the area Really week. Annoying if they grab you.
The Fiend ? ? Evidence that it killed about 10 gnolls instantly with some sort of physic magic Southwest – in the Mill and traveling southwest from there Was frozen/turned into a salt statue surrounded by a red pentagram in a circle in the basement of the mill. Hitting the statue caused it to chip some salt off but disrupting the circle caused him to return to normal. He is now at large in the southwest.
Skeletons 11 HP? AC 13 Swords/weapons etc. Seen so far in the southwest and along the bridge. Sometimes have a “leader” on a skeleton horse.
Gnolls 30+HP? AC15? They use many simple weapons, including but not limited to javelins, shortbows, clubs, swords, axes and wear simple armor such as leathers and hide. After taking 50% of their max health in damage they will enter a rage, adding a bite and scratch multiattack to their actions. Take these brutes out one at a time. There are also Warlocks among their ranks. In the Mill and around the southwest They apparently like to have orgies in the grasslands.
Human Wasps 13HP AC??? normal hit = ? Poision = ouch. Must roll a const. save, and they roll a 3d6 for poision damage ontop of normal attack. Grasslands where we have found most other chumps like skeletons and scarecrows Poision drops you to 0 but you are not dead, just poisoned/paralyzed but stable.
Wolf 11HP AC12? I believe a bite/scratch Grasslands + such in the southern area Found with a goblin riding on his back with the pack
Goblin 5 or 6HP AC between 12-15 Bow/Arrow attack Just to the north of the refuge Travel in packs, shoot bow/arrows in a pack. Have 2 bonus actions. 1 is they can stealth at any time, 2 is something about stealth and running away. attacks on them when stealth roll w/ dis adv.
ANKHEG 45-48HP AC 15-16? Grab/Bite and Acid They live in the area with the giant holes, and there may be multiple. They sense you from underneath the ground and pop up and get you. Do a boat load of damage and additional acid damage, but their scales are used to make armor so skin the beast.


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